The idea to turn Gallery Koyanagi into a bookstore, now has been realized.

What is going to be displayed are one single book that has been created and selected by 31 artists.

For I know, there has never been a bookstore like this before.

A bookstore that emerges for a limited time on a limited place. Please come visit the miraculous site.


  ––––– Yoshiyuki Morioka


Photo: Keizo Kioku


Presented by Morioka Shoten and Gallery Koyanagi

April 25 – June 22, 2024

[Opening reception: April 25, 6-8pm]


Morioka Shoten, a bookshop in Gallery Koyanagi’s neighborhood of Ginza, is a unique bookshop that sells only one book. Inspired by this concept, Gallery Koyanagi will present an exhibition on books, entitled “ONE SINGLE BOOK,” in collaboration with Morioka Shoten. Authors or artists from Morioka Shoten and the Gallery Koyanagi artists, in total of around 30 participants will join the exhibition. Each participating artist is invited to choose one book and do something special to make it the only one book. By tracing why each artist selected the book, and the way the book became 'one single book', the exhibition takes you to ponder the relationship between books and art. On the first day of the exhibition, Gallery Koyanagi will hold a reception with a gallery talk by the artists.



Morioka Shoten: 

Mariko Asabuki, Kaori Endo, Junko Oki, Mio Kaneda, Osamu Saruyama, Kentaro Sugi, Atsushi Suwa, Hanayo, HeiQuicchi HARATA, Mariko Hirasawa, Satoshi Hirose, Isao Makino, Tomoko Mukaiyama, Gozo Yoshimasu, Bijoy Jain, Charlotte Dumas


Gallery Koyanagi:

Michaël Borremans, Sophie Calle, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, Marlene Dumas, Mark Manders, Christian Marclay, Thomas Ruff, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Yoshihiro Suda, Tabaimo, Yuriko Terazaki, Arisa Kumagai, Ebosi Yuasa, Yuta Nakamura, Akiko Hashimoto


*The purchaser will be chosen by lot from the entries.



Related projects

● Tomoko Mukaiyama performs solo piano concert “Imaginal Peace” at the Shiseido Hanatsubaki Hall.

Friday, April 26         7pm

Saturday, April 27     2:30pm  6:30pm

Tickets are available at Peatix of Morioka Shoten 


● Related exhibitions will be held at Morioka Shoten during below dates.

Mariko Asabuki           April 23 – 28

Michihiro Hori             May 14 – 19

Isao Makino                  May 21 – June 2 

Gozo Yoshimasu          June 4 – 9

Mio Kaneda                  June 11 – 16

Gallery Koyanagi

Thomas Ruff –– Oswald Wiener, Die Verbesserung von Mitteleuropa, Roman (1972) with the artist’s self-portrait taken in 1984 and pixelated in 2020 

Mark Manders, One Standing, One Lying Book, 1992–2004

Yoshihiro Suda: Yumeji Takehisa “Weeds” (1941)  with Weed (2024) by the artist

Yuriko Terazaki: Kenji Miyazawa “The Restaurant of Many Orders” (1990) and acorns and leaves from the mountains in a cigar-box

Tabaimo: Kobo Abe “The Women in the Dunes” (1962), animation of hand drawings by the artist on all pages.

Michaël Borremans: "Horse Hunting" (2006) MONKEYMAN (2024)

Akiko Hashimoto: Sue Finlay, "The Planting of a Hillside Garden" (Partially copied from New Arcadian Journal No 61/62) (2007)

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller: Eric Heath, Death Takes a Dive (1938)

Marlene Dumas: Sweet Nothings and Some More Things (2014/2024)

 Christian Marclay: B.H. Haggin, Music Observed (1964)

Hiroshi Sugimoto: "Honkadori, Special Edition"(2023) Irohauta folding screen, 2024

Arisa Kumagai: Lucia Berlin "A Manual for Cleaning Women" (2019) For “My Jockey”, or his image, 2024

Yuta Nakamura: Kogei (1938), Atlas of Japanese Ostracon: Konda-cho, Shimotachikui, Tanbasasayama-shi, Hyogo2024

Sophie Calle, Farewell My Lovely, 2020

Ebosi Yuasa:  "National Air Defense, September Issue" (1941) Strong beyond strong…, 2024

Morioka Shoten

Kaori Endo: I had a dream in which 8 fell on me. I thought, the formula of “8” perhaps might refer to “Eternal.” I developed this vision with a calligraphy technique, Eiji Happo, and transcribed it onto a Japanese arithmetic book from the Edo period. 

Osamu Saruyama: Kiyoshi Ooizumi “Taste of Grass” (1943)

Encased with old wood and coupled with a flower holder.

Isao Makino: "I swallow the sun." (2015), 2024

Mariko Hirasawa: “Return to One” (2024), a mandala of monotype-print that unfolds vertically and horizontally.

Binding: Akie Tsuzuki

Charlotte Dumas: The drawings of stray dogs I’ve been drawing since the book “A Terra” was published——a tribute to my father who was an artist and to the paper he used, Arches. (2024) 

Gozo Yoshimasu: Nikolai Aleksandrovich Nevsky, The Moon and Immortality (1971), Mashiho Chiri, Geological lexicon of Ainu (1956), Miguel Angel Asturias, Book of Guatemalan Folklore (1977)

Mariko Asabuki, Streets Remember, 2024

Junko Oki: "PUNK" (2014) 

Tomoko Mukaiyama, Imaginal Peace, 2024

Mio Kaneda, Drawing note 10  2024.3.8.〜3.31., 2024

Bijoy Jain, Not all of me will die2024

Kentaro Sugi: "Wasurekusa Tokyo" (2024) Kegon, 2024

Atsushi Suwa: Immanuel Kant "The Critique of Pure Reason" (1961), Immanuel Kant "Kritik Der Urteilskraft" (1877), 

The Critique of Pure Reason2024

Hanayo: Atsushi (Jun) Ishiwara "Children's Laboratory" (1928)

Satoshi Hirose: Fernando Pessoa "libro dell’inquietudine" (2012) Beans Cosmos (pessoa’s tama)2024

HeiQuicci HARATA: Poem-Broidery in PixEL-DORADO   YOUME no OUQUI-HASCI, The Floating Bridge of Dreams. (2010) Book mobile with OUQUI, floats 

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