|Hiroshi Sugimoto


Solo show  

"Time Machine"

Hayward Gallery (London, UK)

October 11, 2023 − January 7, 2024


Group show   

"Shin Japanese Painting: Revolutionary Nihonga"

Pola Museum of Art (Kanagawa)

July 15 – December 3, 2023


Related projects

Odawara Art Foundation : Enoura Observatory

New Material Research Laboratory



|Sophie Calle


Solo show   

"À toi de faire, ma mignonne"

Musée Picasso Paris (Paris, France)

October 3, 2023 − January 7, 2024



|Yoshihiro Suda


Group show    

"Commemorating the Museum’s 40th Anniversary The A to Z Guide to the Former Residence of Prince Asaka"

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum (Tokyo)

February 17 − May 12, 2024





Solo show


Transformer Station (Ohio, USA)

July 14, 2023 − February 3, 2024


Virtual museum in the cloud




|Akiko Hashimoto


Group show

"Idemitsu Art Award 2023"

The National Art Center (Tokyo)

December 13 − December 25, 2023



|Yuta Nakamura


Group show

"Locus of a Butterfly: HASEGAWA Saburo's Illusion"

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (Kyoto)

October 5 − December 17, 2023



|Ebosi Yuasa


Group show

"Does the Future Sleep Here?—Revisiting the museum’s response to contemporary art after 65 years"

The National Museum of Western Art (Tokyo)

March 12 − May 12, 2024